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Donate To A Fund

PCF Member Supported Funds
Donate PCF Giving to Humanity Fund
The PCF Giving to Humanity Fund receives contributions from donors who wish to begin or continue membership with Pinellas Community Foundation. Each year, donations to the fund are matched with other foundation funds and then provided as grants to nonprofit organizations in Pinellas County. Grants are awarded on a competitive basis through an application process.
Field of Interest Funds
  Donate PCF Social Justice Fund
The PCF Social Justice Fund, similar to its predecessor, the PCF Venture Philanthropy Fund, is designed to support new and innovative nonprofits, particularly in South St. Petersburg and other economically challenged Pinellas communities, that need support to bring their solutions to market.

In addition to providing needed financial support to organizations, the fund also supports training in administration, marketing, grant writing, web development, social media and community outreach.

By providing funding and critical support to selected nonprofit partners, the goal of the fund is to increase equitable access to resources for these organizations, strengthening their ability to meet community needs.
Purpose Restricted Funds
Donate PCF Childhood Hunger Relief Fund
This fund is dedicated to addressing childhood hunger in Pinellas County by giving grants to qualified organizations addressing this issue. Donations to this fund provide a direct benefit to organizations helping hungry and food-insecure children in our community.
Donate Pinellas Arts Community Relief Fund
The Pinellas Arts Community Relief Fund provides rapid response awards to meet the urgent needs, and provide immediate financial relief to Pinellas County artists, arts organizations and creative businesses who have been impacted by an emergency situation/disaster we are facing, and should the need arise and the resources be available for future emergency situations as well.
  Donate Dunedin Kellogg Mansion Virtual Preservation Fund
This fund is for contributions toward the virtual/3D preservation of the historic Kellogg Mansion in Dunedin. Gifts to this fund will be provided to the City of Dunedin or other appropriate organization to facilitate the purchase and maintenance of the virtual preservation of this important property.
  Donate Gladys Douglas Preserve Fund
The Gladys Douglas Preserve Fund is collecting funds to support, safeguard and improve Pinellas County’s natural resources through environmental stewardship for a clean, healthy environment. This is being done by using these funds for the eventual purpose of aiding in the purchase of the Gladys Douglas Preserve Property, a 43.44 acre parcel near Dunedin, Florida.

Charitable gifts received for this fund will contribute towards the offer proposal submitted by the County to the Estate for the acquisition of the parcel to be preserved in perpetuity.

Should fundraising totals exceed goals, funds will be allocated for development and maintenance of the property.

If the first two objectives of the Fund are met, any excess gifts will be managed for future land preservation projects in Pinellas County by the Fund Advisory Committee.

Should the offer proposal from the County to the Estate not be accepted, gifts received by this Fund will be used for future land preservation projects in Pinellas County as recommended by the Fund Advisory Committee, unless a donor has specified alternative arrangements in their gift or fund agreement.
  Donate Helen (Hodges) Fuller Memorial Fund benefitting Faith Mission
The Helen (Hodges) Fuller Memorial Fund benefits the Faith Mission Fund, celebrating the life of Helen and her time in the care of the Faith Mission Orphanage in Crystal Beach. Gifts to the fund will be used to benefit children and the elderly helped by charities in the community, in the spirit of Faith Mission.
  Donate Leah's Community Retirement Fund
In wishing Leah a very happy retirement, friends can donate to this fund to honor her contributions to our community. All donations to this fund will be distributed evenly to benefit the PCF Childhood Hunger Fund, the ACT II Fund (for aging), and the Sonia Linke Fund.
  Donate PCF Needed Now Fund
As our community continues its recovery from COVID-19, your help is needed now. Your donation to this fund will help us support charities provide critical services like feeding the hungry, saving a family's home, and reviving educational opportunity. Needs will change as our community heals. Your gift to this fund helps our community with what is needed now.
  Donate S. St. Pete Arts Fund (SSPAF)
The purposes of the fund are to provide fellowships, supplies and educational opportunities for artists in residence at The Factory, St. Pete located in St. Petersburg, to support charities in maintaining affordable access to the programs and space available at The Factory, St. Pete.
  Donate WK Preserve Fund
Your donation to the WK Preserve Fund will contribute to the offer submitted by WK Preservation Group (or local government) for acquisition of the property in North Pinellas County. If fundraising exceeds the goals, with the help of the WK Preserve Fund Advisory Committee, PCF will allocate the surplus for land maintenance and future land preservation projects in Pinellas County. If the property cannot be acquired, the Advisory Committee will assist in allocating the funds to other land preservation projects in Pinellas County.
Scholarship Funds
Donate Stand Up for Change Scholarship Fund
To provide scholarships to survivors of domestic violence and/or people of color residing in the Tampa Bay area pursing a career in criminal justice. The goal of CASA’s Stand Up For Change Scholarship Fund is to improve the experience of domestic violence survivors and people of color in the criminal justice system and create a system more reflective of the individuals it serves.
Donate National Aviation Academy Scholarship
The scholarship fund assists students attending the National Aviation Academy through two types of scholarships. Scholarships for current students are based on academic performance and scholarships for newly enrolled students are based on financial need. Students can apply for the scholarship through the National Aviation Academy.
  Donate The Don Smith Family Scholarship in Memory of Brian Lee Smith
A scholarship established for the benefit of students attending Stetson University College of Law who have been members or regularly attended a Boys and Girls Club, or who currently volunteer with a Boys and Girls Club. Priority is given to students with financial need.
Donor-Advised Funds
  Donate Leadership St. Pete Alumni Association Fund
The purpose of this fund is to collect donations and make gifts to qualified charitable organizations/qualified charitable purposes as recommended by the Leadership St. Pete Alumni Association.
  Donate I'M LOGAN IT Foundation
The I’M LOGAN IT Foundation has been created In memory of Logan Matthew Kushner, as a non-profit, charitable organization to honor and preserve Logan’s unique spirit and passion for life along with the values he represented. The goal is to o raise money for charities and organizations including local youth sports programs, Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund (JDRF), which Logan was actively involved in, and promoting awareness of Tourette Syndrome.
  Donate Kathleen Monahan Foundation Fund
The purpose of the Fund is to make grants to qualified charitable organizations which support the performing arts in the Tarpon Springs Area. Preference is given to supporting programmatic and operating costs and it is desired that funds should not be provided to pay capital expenses of grantees.
  Donate Suzanne's Giving with a Heart Fund
Suzanne's Giving with a Heart Fund was created to honor Suzanne Ruley and her many contributions to the community. Gifts to the fund will be distributed by her family to charitable causes that were important to Suzanne as well as to her family. Causes benefiting the arts, leukemia, and her faith community are examples of distributions that may be chosen by Suzanne's family.
Other Funds