Donate to any of these funds online. If you have any questions contact us at 727-531-0058 or by emailing Leigh Davis at

Donate To A Fund

Fund Name
Donate 2-1-1 Tampa Bay Cares
Donate A Cubed Diabetic Donations Fund
Donate Agnes M Reuter Fund
Donate Alison Beth Robinson Fund
Donate All Children's Endowment
Donate Allies, Accomplices, Actors
Donate Alpha House of Pinellas County Endowment Fund
Donate Anderson Family Fund
Donate Anderson/Lipinsky - Future Asset
Donate Aneta I. Thomas Fund
Donate Anonymous Restricted Fund
Donate Arc Tampa Bay Gap Fund
Donate Arc TB Dal Fund
Donate ASO Fund-9 restr funds-varying %'s acc't bal
Donate Bennett Fund
Donate Bernice S. Tilton Memorial Fund
Donate Betty P. Kessler Fund
Donate Big Brothers Big Sisters Endowment Fund
Donate Bollenback Philanthropic Fund
Donate Bon Secours St. Petersburg Legacy Fund
Donate Boy Scouts Fund
Donate Brewery Event Matching Fund for WK Preserve
Donate Byrnes Family Foundation
Donate Canady Community Fund
Donate Caring and Sharing Center for Independent Living Endowment Fund
Donate Carl L. and Ruth A. Engelhardt Fund
Donate CASOA
Donate Cathleen W. Grant Fund for Environmental Protection
Donate Cathleen W. Grant Fund for Public Communication
Donate Charles S. and Gail F. Gamble Fund
Donate Clara K. Dalzell Fund for Memorial Sloan Kettering Institute (4.89% of ASO)
Donate Clara K. Dalzell Fund for Tampa Bay Symphony (4.89% of ASO)
Donate Clara K. Dalzell Fund for WUSF (4.89% of ASO)
Donate Clearwater Audubon Society Endowment Fund
Donate Clearwater Free Clinic Endowment Fund
Donate Cohen Family Foundation
Donate College Fund of Pinellas County Endowment Fund
Donate Community Pride Child Care
Donate Cooley Family Foundation
Donate Costas G. Lemonopoulos Scholarship Trust
Donate Crabby for a Cause Fund
Donate Crabby for a Cause/SeaBreeze Fund
Donate CRR Cares
Donate Dalton Family Foundation
Donate Daystar Life Center
Donate Deborah Kynes Fund, in honor of Dr. Ed L. Pointer and Dorthene Lessley Pointer
Donate Dennison Rusinow Memorial Scholarship
Donate Desper - CRT
Donate Deuces Ignite Field of Interest Fund
Donate Directions for Living
Donate Discretionary Fund at Bank of America
Donate Discretionary Fund at Regions Bank
Donate Dunedin Kellogg Mansion Virtual Preservation Fund
Donate Early Learning Coalition of Pinellas County
Donate Edna A. Klauser Fund
Donate Emery O. and Lucille C. Cormier Fund
Donate Erickson fbo Albertson - CRT
Donate Erickson fbo Broshek - CRT
Donate Ernest Boyd and Roxea Udell Hendrix Fund
Donate Estate of Harold Albers
Donate Faith in Action of Upper Pinellas Endowment Fund
Donate Faith Mission Christian Fund
Donate Festivale 50
Donate FHSP - BIPOC Mental Health
Donate FHSP - Black-Owned Small Business Academy
Donate Fighting Chance Charitable Support Fund
Donate F. Kiernan Schoonmaker Educator of the Year Award
Donate F. Kiernan Schoonmaker Memorial Fund
Donate Florence Stanberry Endowment for Happy Workers Children's Center
Donate Florence Stillwell Fund
Donate Florida Native Plant Society Fund for the Gladys Douglas Preserve
Donate Florida Sheriffs Youth Ranches Endowment Fund (Roebling)
Donate Foundation for a Healthy St. Petersburg Community Fund
Donate From Talking to Doing
Donate George E. Franchere Fund
Donate George Petzold Fund
Donate Gladys Douglas Preserve Fund
Donate Glenn and Carol Arthur Field of Interest Fund
Donate Global Ordnance Ukraine Humanitarian Relief Fund
Donate Gordon Fund
Donate Grotenberg Fund
Donate Guardian ad Litem Foundation of Tampa Bay Fund
Donate Habitat for Humanity of Pinellas and West Pasco Counties Reserve Fund
Donate Habitat for Humanity of Pinellas County Endowment Fund
Donate Hall - CRT
Donate Helen D. Scott Fund f/b/o Billy Graham Evangelistic Association
Donate Helen (Hodges) Fuller Memorial Fund benefitting Faith Mission
Donate Herbert C. and Mavis Schwartz CRUT
Donate H.E. "Zip" Long Center Foundation Fund
Donate Howard/Lerenman Fund (76.4016%)
Donate I'M LOGAN IT Foundation
Donate Janet A. Huntley Music and Arts Public Education Fund
Donate J. M. Beijar Fund
Donate John A. Brady Fund
Donate John and Linda Shim Philanthropic Fund
Donate John S. Flint Field of Interest Fund
Donate Joy Foley-Creech Endowment Fund
Donate Judith A. McLeod Fund
Donate JWB Family Eviction Prevention Services Fund
Donate Karen A. Riffe Charitable Lead Trust
Donate Kathleen Monahan Foundation Fund
Donate Ken Marks Sr. Fund
Donate Kenney - CRT
Donate Keslensky - CRT
Donate Lake Seminole Square Walks 4 You
Donate Landlord Mitigation Fund
Donate Lari White Cannon Scholarship Fund
Donate Leadership St. Pete Alumni Association Fund
Donate Leah's Community Retirement Fund
Donate Leonard T. and Carolyn G. Willey Fund
Donate Lighthouse of Pinellas
Donate Linda Reitz Fund for the Humane Society of Tampa Bay
Donate Louis and Mila Montouri Fund
Donate March to Macy's 2022 for TSLCA
Donate Margaret Craig Thompson - College Fund
Donate Margaret Craig Thompson Fund - Suncoast Hospice
Donate Maria Edmonds Award
Donate Maria Nieves Edmonds Memorial Fund
Donate Marjorie B. Vary Museum of Fine Arts Trust
Donate Martha E. Anderson and Claire J. Lipinsky Fund
Donate Martin's Giving Fund
Donate Mary Chambers Carroll Fund
Donate Merrill Scholarship
Donate Michael Fields Memorial Fund
Donate Morton Plant Mease Foundation Fund (32.58% of ASO)
Donate Muriel A. McNevins Fund
Donate National Aviation Academy Scholarship
Donate Nicholas J. Dissler Fund
Donate Oldsmar Cares John T. Taylor Endowment Fund
Donate PARC Endowment Fund
Donate Pat and Doug McDowell Fund
Donate Patricia McGiverin Fund for the Homeless
Donate PCF Aging in Place (ACT II) Fund
Donate PCF Arts and Culture Grants Fund
Donate PCF Childhood Hunger Relief Endowment
Donate PCF Childhood Hunger Relief Fund
Donate PCF Community Impact
Donate PCF Community Recovery and Resilience Fund
Donate PCF Designated Projects
Donate PCF Discretionary Grant Fund
Donate PCF Emergency Childcare Support Fund
Donate PCF Events
Donate PCF Giving to Humanity Fund
Donate PCF Membership
Donate PCF Needed Now Fund
Donate PCF Needed Now Fund (Citrus)
Donate PCF Needed Now Fund (Hardee)
Donate PCF Needed Now Fund (Hernando)
Donate PCF Needed Now Fund (Highlands)
Donate PCF Needed Now Fund (Hillsborough)
Donate PCF Needed Now Fund (Manatee)
Donate PCF Needed Now Fund (Pasco)
Donate PCF Needed Now Fund (Pinellas)
Donate PCF Needed Now Fund (Polk)
Donate PCF Needed Now Fund (Sarasota)
Donate PCF Operations
Donate PCF Pinellas CARES Fund
Donate PCF Receipts and Disbursements Fund
Donate PCF Restricted Contribution Fund
Donate PCF Social Justice Fund
Donate PCF St. Petersburg Fund
Donate Philip L. Stevens Memorial Fund
Donate Phyllis E. Bailey Memorial Trust
Donate Pinellas Animal Foundation Endowment
Donate Pinellas Arts Community Relief Fund
Donate Pinellas CARES Nonprofit Partnership Fund
Donate Pinellas DEI Conference
Donate Pinellas Genealogical Society
Donate QB
Donate Riffe Foundation
Donate Robert A. and Martha T. Eifert Memorial Loan Fund (13.34% of ASO)
Donate Robin T and Youngja White Fund
Donate Robin T and Youngja White Fund - Durham University Restricted Gift
Donate Sallie Parks Fund
Donate Selma B. Graham Scholarship Fund
Donate Senior Citizens Services Fund
Donate Shriners Hospital for Children Fund (13.34% of ASO)
Donate Sister Margaret Freeman Fund
Donate Smith - CRT
Donate Sonia Linke Honorary Fund
Donate SPCA Tampa Bay Endowment Fund
Donate S. St. Pete Arts Fund (SSPAF)
Donate Stand Up for Change Scholarship Fund
Donate Stephen Miller and Terri Savage Charitable Fund
Donate St. Jude Children's Research Hospital Fund (6.92% of ASO)
Donate St. Pete Giving Circle
Donate St. Petersburg Historical Society Endowment Fund
Donate Suncoast Hospice Foundation Fund
Donate Suncoast Jazz Festival Legacy Fund
Donate Suzanne's Giving with a Heart Fund
Donate Suzanne's Giving with a Heart/Leukemia causes Fund
Donate Tampa Bay Disaster Relief Fund
Donate Tampa Bay Housing Assistance Fund
Donate Tampa Bay Resiliency Fund
Donate Tarpon Springs Senior High School Art Heritage Scholarship
Donate TB Housing Assistance (Abe's Place)
Donate TB Housing Assistance (Total Title Solutions)
Donate TBRI Endowment Fund
Donate The Arc Tampa Bay Fund (14.35% of ASO)
Donate The AWIARE Endowment Fund
Donate The DePaul School for Dyslexia Reserve
Donate The Don Smith Family Scholarship in Memory of Brian Lee Smith
Donate The Dreaming of Tampa Bay
Donate The Kind Mouse Reserve Fund
Donate Theodore P. Tonne and Marian Hadley Tonne Cultural Arts Fund
Donate Theodore P. Tonne and Marian H. Tonne Charitable Trust
Donate The Walter Leahy Clearwater Breakfast Sertoma Club Memorial Endowment Fund
Donate The Woodson Campaign Fund
Donate Thomasene Bennett Fund (Clearwater Free Clinic)
Donate Thomasene Bennett Fund (Florida Sheriff's Youth Ranches)
Donate Thomasene Bennett Fund (Hospice of the Florida Suncoast)
Donate Thomasene Bennett Fund (Shriners Hospital for Children)
Donate Tom Bruckman Operating Fund
Donate Ukraine Humanitarian Relief Fund of Tampa Bay
Donate Universal Show Band Fund
Donate Vanderkloot Fund
Donate Wahnetah Moffatt Fund for Pinellas Education Foundation (4.80% of ASO)
Donate William P. Bushnell Fund
Donate Willie Lee McAdams Endowment for Happy Workers Children's Center
Donate W. K. Kellogg Foundation - Cultural Competence Capacity Building
Donate WK Preserve Fund
Donate YWCA Tampa Bay Endowment Fund
Donate Ziegler Family Fund